Guild Ball Gameplan Deck

Guild Ball Gameplan Deck

Nobody wearing the mantle of captain comes to a game unprepared. You can take it for granted they’ve spent hours scouting out the opposition, bribing officials, and honing their team tactics. Even violent thugs like the Butchers have their gameplans to follow, and mastering them is the key to victory
- Mallet, Mason’s Guild
   Replacing the Plot Card system, the Gameplan Deck is a must for any Guild Ball coach, containing the cards used in organised play events up to the release of Season Four and beyond. These cards represent the tactics employed by a team during a game, giving coaches access to powerful tools enabling them to change the ebb and flow of the game in their favour.  

18x Gameplan Cards,

The Gameplan Deck is an easy to use expansion to Guild Ball that will enhance playing the experience of both coaches
The Gameplan Deck is a replacement for the Season 1, 2, & 3 Guild Plot Deck, and is required for use in Guild Ball Organised Play

Coaches play one card at the start of each turn to grant their team a powerful benefit, as well as bidding to win the first activation of the turn
Losing a game? Gameplan cards have the potential to flip and entire game of Guild Ball on its head to keep every game exciting from start to finish
Seize the Initiative like never before, build up your stash of Momentum Points and play the highest Initiative card you have to ensure you go first on that crucial turn

Erscheinungstermin: 20.04.2018